Cerakote Bicycle Industry

Drawbacks to traditional bicycle finishes - Why is Cerakote better than bicycle paint?

When shopping for mountain or road bicycles, many cyclists can agree that the overall weight of the bike is one of the more important purchasing attributes. Cerakote is a is a thin film ceramic based single coating (it’s applied at .0005” to .001”) that yields a weight reduction of two to four hundred grams (on average) when compared to powder coat or other paint-based coating applications.

Whether racing or riding for pleasure, road bikes, and off road bikes, especially mountain bikes, are exposed to rugged wear and tear. Cerakote is a ceramic based performance coating. Cerakote offers industry leading durability, hardness, and scratch resistance, as well as chemical resistance, that will protect the overall finish of your bike. Cerakote is not prone to the chipping and blistering commonly found in existing paint finishes, and is not affected by chemicals such as road oil and tar, chain lube and brake fluid.

Additionally, Cerakote’s proprietary formulation provides anti-rust properties that provide exceptional protection for small mechanical parts. In addition, its low coefficient of friction and lubricity means less wear on moving parts which can drastically improve durability while assisting in an overall smoother ride. Reduced friction means improved mechanical efficiency.

Both Cerakote Elite and H-Series are suitable for the majority of bicycle frame refinishing and/or manufacturing. There are endless possibilities for customization on frames, forks, handlebars, stems, seat posts, rims, hubs, spokes, cassettes and other small parts.

Cerakote properties:

  • Extremely thin and will not inhibit the function of threads and other bicycle components.
  • Durable and wear resistant.
  • Has a very modern and distinct look and feel.
  • Self-lubricating properties that reduce friction in moving parts.
  • Adheres to steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, polymers, and other surfaces.
  • Hydrophobic performance properties help prevent the buildup of dirt, mud, and road grime, making clean-up easy.

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